Issues, Bugs and Support for WorldWide Telescope

Support for WorldWide Telescope is provided through our discussion forums To get troubleshooting help, ask general questions, or make suggestions, please post there.

To report a bug, please file a ticket in the appropriate GitHub issue tracker:

When filing a bug report, please be as specific as possible. The details that you include enable us to quickly identify the problem and its solution. Tell us your platform, operating system, browser and hardware you have such as processor, RAM and graphics card.)

If you're having trouble installing or running the Windows® client version of WorldWide Telescope, you can use the WorldWide Telescope Web Client instead. The Web Client Beta version has a subset of the features in the full Windows version, but doesn't require an application install and may run on systems that don't meet the system requirements for the Windows Client.

To contribute code (bug fixes, new features, etc) or documentation improvements, just use the standard GitHub "Pull Request" method. The PR will show up as an issue in the appropriate tracker, and we'll respond or ask further questions there.