WorldWide Telescope 5.1 Beta 2 for Windows

WWT 5.1 Beta 2. Preview Features Include

  • Sandbox mode: Bring in your own data from the microscopic to the scale of the universe, as we did with MIT EyeWire at TED
  • 3d Cities : Explore the same 3d Cites featured in Bing Maps Preview
  • Improvements to key-frame animation in timeline slides
  • On Screen controls are now “Auto pilot” like for cinematic real-time driving with a mouse
  • Support for foot pedal controls for actions like all-stop and zooming
  • Support for 3d printing any feature of terrestrial planet or moon using STL file export
  • Oculus Improvements
  • Volumetric Milky Way : See the milky way like never before with real-time volumetric rendering
  • Planet by planet orbit visibility: Turn on and off orbits on a planet-by-planet basis.
  • Visibility by grouping for asteroids
  • Improved OBJ support
  • Galactic Mode: The sky mode now allows your to align to galactic coordinates for navigation.
  • LCAPI updates
  • Fixed bug from Beta 1 where tours would not play when not in master mode.
  • Fixed Bugs

Install WWT 5.1 Beta 2

WWT 5.1 Beta System Requirements

To run this software, you need the following on your computer:

Do not attempt to install WWT 5.1 Beta 2 on Windows XP. It does not run and can potentially prevent the legacy version from running.

Legacy Windows Modal